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Sponsor Adult Industry Talk and enjoy the following benefits during the sponsorship period:

1) 30-sec eRadio ad at start of all episodes

2) 30-sec eRadio ad in the middle of all episodes.

3) 30-sec eRadio ad at end of all episodes

4) Mention of your company, products or services on all press articles and interviews to promote the show.

5) Your logo or banner will be published at the bottom of all weekly newsletters sent to all our subscribers, and linked back to your website.

6) 350 x 120 banner ad on all pages of our website, except homepage.

7) 3 guest interviews per month.

Cost of sponsorship package

1 Month - USD $500.00
2 Months - USD 800.00
3 Months - USD $1000.00

Sponsors can pay for the sponsorship package in cash, services or both.

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